CaroZANG is designed for cancer patients and patients with autoimmune disease. CaroZANG is formulated to promote overall wellbeing and to support the ability of patients to fight their disease.

CaroZANG recommended daily serving size for cancer patients is 2 pouches (16.9 oz) and for patients with autoimmune disease 1 pouch (8.45 oz) consumed throughout the day, preferably with or after a meal.

Your stool will change color after several days of CaroZANG use. It will become darker and in some patients even dark purple or black. This change of color is caused by the natural purple colored substances in CaroZANG. Once you stop CaroZANG consumption, the color of your stool will revert back to your normal color. Some patients have reported upset stomach symptoms after they drank an entire pouch or bottle of CaroZANG at once. These symptoms lasted for a very short period of time and did not occur when CaroZANG is consumed as recommended, in 2-3 portions throughout the day.

Yes, you can mix CaroZANG with water, other juices, add sugar or honey or spices to change its taste and make it easier for you to use it. Please ensure you consume the recommended daily serving size of CaroZANG.

Yes. CaroZANG has the potential to support you in fighting your disease. Patients reported better symptom control and faster and more complete recovery from side effects caused by their regular treatments.

Patient experiences vary. Some patients reported long-lasting improvements after completing several weeks of CaroZANG consumption. Other patients choose to use CaroZANG continuously to maintain its full benefit.

Yes. Available information suggests using CaroZANG without interruptions is optimal to maximize its effects.

CaroZANG is made of 100% natural organic purple carrot, pomegranate and lemon juice. CaroZANG is produced using a proprietary manufacturing process. Its key active ingredient content is evaluated in a bioanalytical laboratory, and the production formula is customized based on the results of the evaluation. This approach guarantees the best possible product quality.