Vojo Vukovic MD PhD

I am Vojo Vukovic, a physician and cancer biologist by training, and a cancer drug developer by profession. I am the inventor of CaroZANG.

Throughout my entire professional career, over 28 years by now, I have been developing novel drugs for the treatment of cancer patients. I have worked at university research
institutes and at pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Germany, Canada and the USA.

Several times in my career I was fortunate to be part of teams that were successful in developing drugs that helped patients; sometimes my teams and I were not successful.

What I have learned in all these years is that a good drug should be effective, and it should be well tolerated. And that is precisely the problem most patients face when receiving

treatment for their disease. Many drugs have good efficacy; unfortunately, often accompanied by side effects.

Therefore, I have decided to find a solution that has the potential to truly benefit patients. This pursuit led me to CaroZANG.