The CaroZANG Story

Several years ago, I came across the book “Curing Cancer with Carrotsby Ann Cameron.


After reading Ann’s book I conducted a review of the scientific literature to better understand the science that underlies her fascinating story. In addition to many laboratory and preclinical studies, perhaps the most compelling information I found are numerous clinical epidemiology studies that show reduced risk of cancer occurrence in people who regularly eat carrots.


A couple of months later at a scientific conference I had dinner with a friend who is a medical oncologist. I told him about Ann Cameron and her story and shared with him the information I found on ingredients in carrots that have anti-cancer effects. Then I asked him whether he could imagine some of his patients using carrot juice as part of their cancer treatment. His response was “If it works and if there are no better treatment options, why not?”


Following our meeting he discussed the “juicing” idea with several of his patients who had metastatic disease and who exhausted all available standard therapies but wanted to continue treatment. Four of his patients started juicing using a recipe I developed for home made juice. It is important to mention that while juicing those patients did not have any other cancer treatment. Over the next two years my friend followed and assessed his patients and periodically informed me about their situation. He was impressed with, to put it into his own words, the “high energy”, “excellent tolerability”, and ”high level of disease control” that he observed in his patients. Just to be clear – none of these four patients with metastatic, heavily pretreated cancers obtained a cure with juicing. The patients still had cancer, but the tumor burden decreased in all four patients and their disease was well controlled, not progressing for extended periods of time. The patients felt well, were active, did not report significant side effects and their laboratory evaluations and CT scans  supported  these  observations. In  the opinion of my friend, a board-certified medical oncologist with 25+ years of clinical practice, these patients had experienced real clinical benefit with juicing as the only treatment for their disease.


He also mentioned some issues – daily juicing requires significant commitment; the required daily volume and taste of the juice were a challenge for some patients. Also, intrigued by the effects he observed in his patients, he tried juicing at home several times and noticed differences in taste and effects on digestion, which led him to wonder about variability in the amounts of active ingredients in the fruit and vegetables.


With this information in hand, I focused on developing a product that could help

patients achieve those positive effects while addressing the issues of volume, taste and consistency. I’ll skip over the details on how I developed a new recipe suitable for production at scale, and the numerous interactions with chemists, food engineers and food scientists about technology options for the manufacturing process, analytical assays and sourcing of fruit and vegetables. Over the course of ten months, I evaluated a total of nine manufacturers on three  continents. In the meantime, I continued to review the scientific literature, this time focusing on studies of the effects of key active ingredients on chronic inflammation. I found numerous scientific publications showing the effects of those key active ingredients on cellular mechanisms of chronic inflammation, including efficacy in autoimmune disease models in mice. 


Based on this exciting scientific information, a Clinical Evaluation Project in patients with autoimmune diseases and in patients with cancer was conducted in Serbia, in 2021. Three experienced physicians, board-certified specialists for inflammatory bowel diseases and medical oncology kindly agreed to provide medical oversight of this evaluation. The results exceeded my expectations. Both newly diagnosed patients as well as patients who suffered from their diseases for 20+ years reported improvements in their wellbeing, reduced signs and symptoms of disease, increased energy levels and better ability to perform activities of daily living. Please check out the summary of these results in the Testimonials sections of the website. Following the successful clinical evaluation, CaroZANG was launched as a commercial product in Serbia and Bosnia in 2021.


Throughout 2022 I was working with a team of experts on creating a new packaging solution for CaroZANG for USA. We experienced numerous delays due to the global geopolitical situation, but as of now, October 2022, the first CaroZANG product shipment is underway and is expected to arrive in the USA in mid-November 2022. Shortly thereafter, we will conduct an additional evaluation of CaroZANG in US patients and make the product commercially available.


So, this is the CaroZANG story. The result is CaroZANG, a high-quality natural product developed with medical and scientific insights and expertise.

I am happy and proud to be able to offer you this product.