Why use CaroZANG?

Why should you use CaroZANG if you can make your own juice at home or buy juice at a
store? What is the difference between homemade or store-bought juice and CaroZANG?

When you juice at home, you use fruit and vegetables from your local store, from a farm, or perhaps from your own garden. You do know what you put into your juice and maybe also where it comes from.

But what you don’t know is the amount of active ingredients contained in the fruit and vegetables. Those amounts can vary significantly depending on the variety, season, soil
composition, time of harvest, duration and conditions of storage and several other factors.

In addition to those factors, the manufacturing process for store-bought juice also has a major impact on the amount of active ingredients. In other words, you really don’t know much about the active ingredients in store-bought juice.

CaroZANG has standardized amounts of key active ingredients. Each batch is analyzed for the presence and quantity of key active ingredients. The production formula of CaroZANG is customized based on laboratory results to ensure consistency.

Standardized amount of key active ingredients is the most important difference between
CaroZANG and home-made or store-bought juice.